Our Companies

Triple J Aggregates, is a privately held company that specializes in production of aggregates and fill site management for the construction industry in British Columbia Canada. Through our combined experience in the business we have amassed a highly proficient team of professionals that continue to safely execute large and small scale projects. We pride ourselves on providing the industry with the highest quality of workmanship and have done so while leading the market in safety and environmental excellence. 

 Triple J Machinery is the exclusive distributor of XGMA Equipment in BC.  XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national-level large scale leading Class I enterprise, which mainly produces engineering machinery products, such as loaders, excavators, forklifts, road machinery, small machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery, environmental protection machine, auto crane, etc. 

 With the ongoing urban sprawl in BC's Fraser Valley, Triple J Agricultural has developed a world class solution for Agricultural Land Development. By employing the best and advanced technology, we cultivate most suitable crops, endorse water harvesting and also help in remdidiation of waste land. Triple J Agriculturalurchases these lands and takes complete care of land development process from basics to the advanced levels.  Our land development system uses a combination of clean fill, drainage and irrigation to reclaim areas of land that have been abandoned due to unsuitability for farming.  

   Through our strategic partnerships, Triple J Seafood has  been building its international reputation for innovation and  quality in the import/export and marketing of food commodities.  With the majority of our products coming from the west coast of British Columbia Canada to Alaska, we operate four key business segments: International Trading, Domestic Food Service,  Retail,  Asian and Fresh Seafood. We continuously strive to offer  the best seafood on the globe, with a commitment to quality,  price at a level of unsurpassed customer service.