Through partnerships, expertise and strategic thinking, we succeed at achieving your goals and those of our valued clients.  The Triple J Group proudly serves predominantly the development, aquaculture, seafood, agriculture and agrifood sectors in British Columbia and is committed to working in a transparent and cooperative capacity, creating lasting projects and loyal partnerships in our community and beyond.  Through our unique and complimentary backgrounds, Jeremy Baker, John Glazema and John Olydam have formed a vertically integrated group ensuring cost effective, quality products for our clientele. With deep roots in agriculture, aggregates and developments spanning several decades, we’re committed to helping the communities and clientele we serve, through the provision of high-quality products but also by offering unrivalled customer service and support.  


  To provide the highest quality products and services our clients recommend to their family and friends, our team share great pride in and our stakeholders seek for long term returns.  


  To be the best at everything we do.